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Revlis provides a broad variety of products to fit all your needs:
Our software manages and stores documents used by any kind of organization, from small to the larger companies with personalized needs in the electronic documents domain.
All the applications come with a friendly document import interface, searching and finding, and of course, easy maintenance.
Using cutting-edge OCR technology, our application converts scanned images in electronic text, eliminating the necessity of hand writing the search keys.
For your convenience, several implementations exist in order to suit your business requirements:
  1. EDM Desktop - document management stand-alone solution
    Ideal for users with a modest volume of documents. EDM desktop is a documents management application for a single user and it offers the same benefits as the enterprise version.
    The application can be used for document scanning; advanced OCR functions bring numerous information categorizing and indexing features, full-text searching. Also ensures compatibility with other modules that can recognize barcodes and OCRByZone (indexing full-text of documents for various parts). The applications can process 16000 documents for a single user, is the ideal solution for short volume of documents.
  2. EDM Office -A solution for the small companies(5-10 employees)
    This application version will allow you to create your own information database and make better and faster decisions to increase your efficiency. Our Office Edition for 5 users has all the features of the Enterprise Edition scaled for the use of a small company. There are, of course, no issues concerning the documents migration towards any other versions.
  3. EDM Enterprise
    This version of the application is an unified solution for the management of all your company's documents and records regardless of their type or location. EDM Enterprise ensures a balance between security and accessibility, protecting the information and at the same time offering a fast and easy way to access it, in order to help the company's employees to work with a maximum of efficiency.
    Planned to be implemented within days rather than weeks, EDM Enterprise offers the fastest possible Return Of Investment.
  4. EDM WebClient
    WebClient is a EDM client which makes all operations accessible using any standard web browser, and gives the user all the facilities of the Enterprise version.
    Authorized users have simultaneous access to documents, regardless of the place they are located, whether they're in the company's intranet or in a far away distant office.
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