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Revlis provides a broad variety of products to fit all your needs:
As a transports company, you've obviously felt the necessity for someone to manage your vehicles, drivers, clients, loading and unloading points at your clients. Then when your fleet increased in size, your need also grew, and now you have a bunch of paperwork to do, to store and to keep track of.
What if there was a piece of software, easy to install, easy to manage, with a nice interface in your own language, which would do ALL that?
RouteManager does all that, and even more! Intended for small to medium companies, with at least one computer dedicated to the fleet management operations, can also work with higher fleet sizes and does the inventory of all your mobile assets, drivers, clients and their work points.
Not only that, but it will generate the route sheets for your vehicles, depending on distances between target points (manually or automatically), to make sure your drivers won't waste your time and fuel, but use every resource adequately depending on your scheduled operations. All the data is, of course, reporting-ready, at a mouse click away.
RouteTrack is a complete software and hardware locating and mobile resource management solution which sums up CDMA/GPRS communication technology and GPS technology. The communication with the mobile terminals is bidirectional allowing the possibility of receiving positioning and locating messaging in real time as well as the transmission of interrogations , commands and online system configuration .
RouteTrack supplies the customer with a range of software applications for the monitoring of the vehicles and data analysis in order to lower the operating costs and increasing the efficiency of the vehicle park.
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