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Revlis provides a broad variety of products to fit all your needs:
Revlis Soft provides technical and business solutions that are at the heart of the supplier, travel agency, consumer transaction triangle. Revlis Soft ' products allow all three parties involved in the travel transaction to benefit from the travel service exchange.
Revlis Soft's Travel Booking System allows agents and customers to search for cruises, hotels, air and car rental services using extensive criteria, sort the results by several preferences, book or hold online the selected services, make online payments and create customer profiles and manage them.
Odyssey's interface can easily be customized, in order to allow customers to integrate the services into their applications by keeping the look and feel of their corporate identities. It also allows customers to define a wide range of options and preferences related to suppliers they are using, customize offered travel packages and define discounts and fares.
Our product allows rapid integration of new suppliers by fully utilizing the power of Web Services and e-commerce travel transactions. Therefore, you need only specify the data coordinates for the search / feeds and the data patterns are automatically recognized.
The application allows travel sites and travel agents to access different inventories from various travel suppliers and display the results in one place. Supplier's inventory can be in a GDS or coming directly from the supplier system.
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