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Our team participates starting on March the 9th at the ....
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...You should be able to go home without any job-related problem in mind at the end of the day... but there are few things in life that are worth worrying about...
...You have the right to worry for the yearly revision of your yacht, your wife buying uneuseful things, or your kids not paying enough attention to school, eventually.
images You shouldn't have to worry that your team won't finish the project on time. Or if they do, it will be by developing a dull, annoying system. Rush steals the feeling of giving your best to any project...
Software development outsourcing is an efficient method for both small companies and industry leaders to reduce expenses associated with the in-house software development. Today, IT outsourcing is the winning strategy for forward thinking executives and managers, which helps their companies to retain a competitive advantage.
RST offers quality and cost effective IT services, including software engineering, database design, and Web development to its clients worldwide. Some of the fields where we have extensive expertise are:
E-Commerce and DB-driven Web Solutions
Extranet/Intranet Applications
Web-enabling Legacy Systems
Business Automations Systems
Database Design and Development
Client/Server & N-Tier Applications
Re-engineering & Porting
RST's consulting services are available onsite or offsite. We have fully equipped labs offsite for software and network testing so that we can provide a more cost-effective solution to our clients who may not wish to provide the equipment or work evironment for an additional consultant or consulting staff. We provide seamless workflow between our labs and the client site. In addition, we provide an offshore option for larger and longer on-going projects.
SoftBureau undertakes full software development lifecycle, offering a comprehensive range of value-added services, including:
Business & Requirement Analysis
Rapid Prototyping
High- and Low-Level System Design
Test Planning & Testing
Configuration Change Management
Post-Implementation Support & Maintenance
We are prepared to accomplish the most complex project, and bring it from a broad idea to a fully working solution.Our development resources, a proven execution model, and effective project management allow faster development of quality products and solutions for our.
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