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Revlis provides a broad variety of products targeted for mid-to-high enterprise environments. Below each section, there is a product brochure download link. Feel free to explore our site and call us at any time with your questions.
image Customer Relationship Management
image Revlis Software delivers more than just a powerful, easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) product, but a complete architecture that empowers every business to experience the benefits of on-demand solutions throughout its entire organization. It enables you to be in control of every aspect of the system and continue to adapt, update and add new features.
image T-Site
image T Site is a proffesional easy to use website creator. Get it now and start creating your website in minutes!
image Electronic Document Management
image Our software manages and stores documents used by any kind of organization, from small to the larger companies with personalized needs in the electronic documents domain.
image ePressNet
image ePressNet is an informational system which allows the capture, management, storage, control, access and publishing of press information in a secure, fast, easy and precise way.
image Enterprise Resource Planning
image Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP, is not only about resources and planning as the acronym describes this application. The software attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those departments' particular needs.
image Revlis LiveHelp
image Hosted or integrated solution, the Revlis LiveHelp platform is a multi-channel communications solution that facilitates real-time sales, customer service and marketing. It enables organizations to deliver a personalized and seamless service experience to customers.
image Metasearch
image Provides unique enterprise software that searches, integrates, and categorizes textual information on the fly into crisp, meaningful, hierarchical folders.
image Odissey
image Revlis Soft's Travel Booking System allows agents and customers to search for cruises, hotels, air and car rental services using extensive criteria, sort the results by several preferences, book or hold online the selected services, make online payments and create customer profiles and manage them.
image Route Manager & Route Track
image Route Manager - Intended for small to medium companies, with at least one computer dedicated to the fleet management operations, can also work with higher fleet sizes and does the inventory of all your mobile assets, drivers, clients and their work points.
Route Track - supplies the customer with a range of software applications for the monitoring of the vehicles and data analysis in order to lower the operating costs and increasing the efficiency of the vehicle park.
image T-Wisp
image T-wisp is a modular and scalable revenue management platform which encompasses real time billing, customer care, provisioning, payment, and authentication. T-Wisp is a wireless authentification portal, based on OpenSource technologies, such as FreeRadius authentication server, PHP programming language, MySQL database engine.
image WebXpress
image Is an easy to use tool for building presentation internet sites. It comes with a variety of templates to choose from. A web site built with webxpress can contain multiple templates which can also be modified by the user.
image MagiX
image MagiX is a complete software solution which will offer to it's users the most important and used communication functions over the Internet, without any of the minuses of any existing similar software on the market.
image GetResponse
image With GetResponse®2004 Pro you will pull more subscribers, close more sales, build highly targeted opt-in lists faster, build trust with your potential customers and turn more visitors to cash.
image WebsiteWizard
image With WebsiteWizard you could have your own, fully-fledged, profit-pulling website selling your own products. A website with all the bells and whistles (such as a two-tier affiliate program, shopping cart, credit card processing, mailing list etc.). You will get all this without ever having to learn HTML, CGI, Java, PHP or other "geek code".
image hyperTracker Professional
image The all-NEW hyperTracker Professional 2.0 is a sophisticated tracking management system that helps you to convert more clicks into customers and save wads of cash wasted in unproductive marketing.
image BizMint
image BizMint offers an extremely unique approach to finding quality domain names and increasing sales.With it, people can find over 3/4 of a million domain names that have only just expired, giving people a chance to register killer domain names for just pennies - when in fact, they're potentially worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars!
image eBookGold
image eBookGold is offering Internet marketers one of the most Powerful e-Publishing tools on the market. eBookGold is a complete e-publishing tool that allows Internet marketers to do anything in ebook creation.
image DynamiteCovers
image With DynamiteCovers you can tantalize your customers with a professional-looking, three-dimensional cover, case or box, and transform your website into a super-busy speedway...
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