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Revlis provides a broad variety of products to fit all your needs:
Revlis Soft delivers more than just a powerful, easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) product, but a complete architecture that empowers every business to experience the benefits of on-demand solutions throughout its entire organization. It enables you to be in control of every aspect of the system and continue to adapt, update and add new features.

Our CRM, regardless if it's a stand-alone or integrated installation, administrates commercial, financial and personal information of the customers and it is the basis of marketing decisions and relationships inside and outside your organization.
Every module is created based on a project made up according to the organizational business model. There's no extra need to invest in other software or infrastructure components. So the costs and risks involved in delivering service and support are much lower than they have been traditionally, and you can be up and running in as little as a few hours.
  1. Contact manager - allows the user to form a complete database of his clients, with all the information the user might need.
  2. Account manager - shows the various projects of the user and it is able to detail the tasks to do of each client of the firm.
  3. CALENDAR & NOTIFY - this module is a fully-featured online scheduler/agenda
  4. Opportunity manager-helps the user to analyze the level of the interest for the firm and to decide how important the client for the firm is.
    • level of interest
    • level of decision
  5. Case manager -shows the actions that are taken to solve the problem of the client, referring to the client's products and/or services.
  6. Advanced Reporting -the most important module of the CRM system, because it can give you in real time the results of the actions token.
  7. Good FEED-BACK from customers - the experience shows that our system is easy to use and all our clients are coming back with positive feed-back.
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