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What is MagiX?
MagiX is a software application developped Delphi, running on Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP operating systems.
MagiX cumulates all functionality offered by many more other similar software, as Yahoo! Messenger, MS Outlook Express, ICQ and Kazaa. Its main goal is to combine all communication tools and modules existing at this time on the Internet into an All-In-One system, extremely powerful and flexible, which will be accessible starting with a simple free mail account.
The network will run based on multiple servers located worldwide and client applications which will connect to those servers from anywhere an Internet connection is available, by anyone using the services.
How will MagiX look like?
Since many of the users joining the network will not be at the first attempt to use such an application, MagiX will have an interface similar to MS Outlook Express and Y! Messenger.
The design will be compact and intuitive, with easy access to all functionality implemented. Without implementing many design changes, MagiX is intended to offer extra functionality and services to the old-styled users of this kind of software.
All MagiX components and modules will be accessed starting from the main window. This window will contain the Mail Folders, the Address Book and contacts list, the mail listing and preview screen.
The design will be compact and intuitive, with easy access to all functionality implemented. Without implementing many design changes, MagiX is intended to offer extra functionality and services to the old-styled users of this kind of software.
Full mode
The contacts panel allows the user to customize the list of contacts he can add from Yahoo, MSN ICQ or whatever, and MagiX too. He can select multiple, drag & drop to organize the groups, or right-click to show the pop-up with all the options apliable.
On the right side of this panel are the icons showing the contact's online status on all chat servers;
When right-clicking a contact we have the option to chat with him, send mail, start a conference (with multiple selected contacts too) or whatever
The toolbar on top of the application is fully customisable (function already implemented as you can see by right-clicking it and selecting customize in the popup menu) and can have multiple buttons (see the customise menu), as well as modes (small icons, large icons, w/wo text)
The menubar of the application has a great graphical look, like windows xp, and this is available even if the MagiX app is ran on Windows 98 or whatever other version. Even if not all the dialogs available are implemented yet, you can have a good idea of at least some of the options by looking to the organisation of this menu.
The banner on the right side of the window is downloaded directly from the database, is dynamically sized and opens a web browser when clicked. As a safety method (for the users not to hack inside the application to stop displaying the banner) we fixed 4 points inside this small banner and we are checking the colors displayed in those 4 exact locations. If they do not match the values stored in the pictures database, it means that the user has done something wrong with our software and we must take measures (like suspending his/her account, closing connection and alerting the server manager, or even banning his ip class from MagiX access)
The application uses now a full view, which can be switched to messenger view, smaller by size like Yahoo or whatever and which shows only the mail folders and contacts list. This smaller view is used when the customer does not speciffically use the mail functions, and wishes to clear up desktop space, and in the same time keep a good watch on his contacts (to see which ones are online or not) and on the mail folders, to see if he has or not new mail, or on which mail account it arrived (when he has more than one account defined with the service.)
The application also will have an option to be minimized to the taskbar, playing sounds when contacts activity is detected or mail arrives (like for any other event)
The voice conference is available inside a chat window, and the voicemail inside a mail editor (that is similar to the one inside Outlook Express)
Project targets
The software
MagiX is more than a mail client. More flexible than an instant messenger. Much larger than the conference room...
The users will be able to connect without problems to the network, no matter if they are at home, office or on the road. Using the instant messenger they will communicate free and safe, without beinbg constrained or limited by any location or special equipments. Using a military encryption system and a state-of-the-art data exchange protocol, communication is now safe, fast and easy.

Accessible from anywhere on the planet, the MagiX network and servers will provide services such as instant messaging, international text/video conferences, logs, Address Book, SMS messaging and many more.

MagiX offers the opportunity to store in a safe location personal or important informations, which can be accessed at any time from anywhere using encrypted communication channels in a very easy and fast way. MagiX Enterprise can also serve as an internal communication solution to any small, medium or large company with the lowest expenses possible.

Communicating on the Internet is much easier now, since the user now has access to all functionality and services which he may need inside a single application.

Another strong aspect in the project is the interactivity with the other existing services: Y! Messenger, MSN and ICQ. Chatting with your friends on other networks is now perfectly realisable with MagiX.
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MagiX functionality
We implemented inside the software the best functionality available on similar software currently on the market. Every detail has been observed and tested, analysed and implemented, in order to provide the best working environment for the customers.

At this time, there are many users running more than one software of this kind, using only a few useful or good modules. MagiX will provide a complete system, which will assure a much better working environment.

Our users will be able to use the Address Book inside MagiX as they used before the one in MS Outlook. From the same Address Book they will be able to start chat sessions, conferences, send mail and even more. They will be able to use external POP3 accounts, in unlimited numbers. Among other services, available only by two mouse clicks, will be video-conferencing, simple or advanced search engines and many more.
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MagiX and its competitors
Knowing the actual market-share between dedicated applications, such as Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, ICQ, Trillian and Kazaa, we are convinced the in a short while we will reach a place on the market which will provide the best environment to run a very profitable business. The first users and customers will not be late after running a well designed and targeted advertising campaign.

A very small estimation would be for at least 500.000 users in the first year of running.
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The MagiX advantage - complete functionality inside a free software
To succeed its entrance in the market, MagiX will overrun its competitors by offering complete communication services. Video-conferencing, instant messaging, search engines, users databases, file sharing and a few more, are the key elements which will attack the market.

Complete portability is also another strong aspect of the project, which will convince very many users, constained at this time by existing software's limitations, to join the MagiX networks.

Their online communications solution will be, from now on, MagiX, and MagiX will provide complete functionality, flexibility, and independence
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