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Revlis provides a broad variety of products to fit all your needs:
You are a medium to big enterprise with a crowded HQ, lots and lots of people always wasting time to search thru their paperwork or files. You also have a big number of computers, servers or workstations, which contain all this data your enterprise so much needs in order to make you profits. Now you certainly don't want your employees wasting time anymore...
Revlis Soft provides unique enterprise software that searches, integrates, and categorizes textual information on the fly into crisp, meaningful, hierarchical folders.
Our unique plug-and-play search and metasearch approach allows enterprises to:
  1. Crawl and index internal documents and databases. Almost all data formats (content types) are properly interpreted and indexed into the search database. Images are passed thru advanced OCR modules in order for their text content to be readable.
  2. Add external sources such as subscription services, Web sites, and RSS feeds. These data sources can also be cached locally within your intranet, in order to minimize query response times and save bandwidth.
  3. Search all internal and external data sources with a single query
  4. Advanced search features and options will always show results of best relevancy and interest to your staff.
  5. Advanced resource discovery features will instantly cache any new removable or fixed resource that has been shared on the network (including SMB/NFS shares, HTTP/FTP/POP-IMAP locations, secure locations, etc).
  6. The possibility to show results organized into category folders and/or visual trees, rather than just classic, plain result pages.
  7. Extremely easy to integrate and manage.
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