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Revlis provides a broad variety of products to fit all your needs:
T-wisp is a modular and scalable revenue management platform which encompasses real time billing, customer care, provisioning, payment, and authentication. The platform suits providers looking to extend their offerings into next generation services and new entrants looking for rapid and scalable implementation of convergence services. T-wisp supports multi-service prepaid, broadband internet access, public WLAN, and content charging. The platform can serve as end-to-end real time billing & customer care system, or it can deployed as an adjunct to a legacy billing and CRM system , enabling next generation and value added services with minimal impact on core IT systems.
T-wisp is based on OpenSource technologies, such as FreeRadius authentication server, PHP programming language, MySQL database engine. All these are stable and mature, provided with advanced technical support, which makes them production-ready to almost any business environment.
Our portal matches entirely all the requirements of the Wireless ISP business model, and is compatible with all our other products - CRM, LiveHelp, ERP, and so on.
Features and Benefits:
  • Network Access Servers (NAS) able to authenticate via PAP and CHAP encrypted RADIUS.
  • Accounting stats recordable and searchable.
  • Extended RADIUS attributes assignable including bandwidth control, time online and other WISPR specified attributes.
  • Supported NAS s include Chillispot/DD-WRT, InterEpoch, Colubris and NeoMeridian.
  • Authentication of NAS by IP, MAC or DynDNS plus a shared RADIUS secret.
  • Automated reports specifying Affiliate, Venue, Venue commission, Agent Commission, and a breakdown of the card types sold sent to the Administrator at a selectable period.
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